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20 Benefits for Event Planners using an Odysen solution

Looking for an online solution to help organize your event planning activities?  Here are a few benefits and ways to use an Odysen solution.

1. Separate networks for different clients: Helpful to keep content focused for each, add a newsletter for each network to get an email summary of any new content or comments shared with you.

2. Separate folders for different events: Making it easy to keep events organized, add sub-folders to expand and event and see integrated views of content in respective parent folders.

3. Organize tasks needed to be done: Add actions to each folder, see integrated views in respective parent folders and you can click on the All folder to see all the actions in your network. Add filters to limits the actions shown and you can sort by the priority, due date, owner or other variables.Using Odysen for event planning activities.

4. Outline a new event: Add to a note with bullet or numbered lists to highlight key aspects of the event. Let others know with an email notification, they can review the note from their email and click a link to go directly to the content in your network.

5. Add sub-networks for third parties: For larger events working with others not on one of regular networks, you can simply create a new sub-network just for that event and people involved.

6. Schedule weekly and monthly events: When adding an event you can also include the recurring option, either for daily, week days, weekly, monthly and years. Include in the description any regular actions or activities that need to be done and you can add an alert for extra preparation, sending you an email reminder beforehand.

7. Schedule conference calls and meetings: Add the date and time to an event and in the description you can include an agenda for discussion topics.

8. Add blogs related to the event: If there’s any blogs related for the event you can include them in the news reader. You also have the news search option, allowing you to type in a keyword of the event to get any news articles including that keyword.

9. Getting feedback: Others can add comments to any events or application content you’ve shared. You can stay informed of feedback by checking your Updates stream or adding a newsletter to the network.

10. Search across your network: Type in keyword to see relevant content from any applications or comments for your network. You can also search within specific folder and applications.

11. Access from mobile: Use from a tablet or phone, helpful when needing to access remotely.

12. See new content from all your networks: Review the Updates stream to see any new folders, appellation content or comments shared with you.

13. Share photos from the event: Upload to the Images application, others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.

14. Share useful websites: Add relevant websites for the event to each folder or project, useful to have for easy reference with others.

15. Share videos from the event: Store and watch videos from the event on your network.

16. Store audio and music files being used: These can be uploaded or shared in the Audio application, others can listen to a collection on continuous play.

17. Store graphics for the event: Share in one place for easy reference, others can review in a slideshow for a quick comparison.

18. Organize marketing activities: Create a folder or network just for promoting your event planning freelancing business. Add content including websites you regularly use, blogs from other event planners, relevant graphics and add actions for the next steps or ideas to try.

19. Store event planning blogs for reference: Add blogs from other event planners to the news reader, see an integrated view of the most recent article from each.

20. Using in preferred languages: For global event planning activities, you and others can use in Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Learn more about using for event planning or get started today with the free Basic plan.

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10 Interesting facts about Kiribati

For anyone interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Kiribati, here are 10 interesting facts to get started with.

  • 1. There are more than 100,000 people that live in Kiribati, located in the South Pacific, a part of Micronesia, it has Hawaii in the north, Samoa, Tuvalu and Fiji in the southwest, and Nauru and the Marshall Islands in the west.
  • 2. Kiribati is made up of 32 atolls and one raised coral island named Banaba, 21 of the islands are inhabited.
  • 3. The Kiribati islands are spread out over 3.5 million sq km or 1.35 million sq mi.
  • 4. The name Kiribati comes from a British Captain Thomas Gilbert who sighted the islands in 1788, and later mariners called the islands “Gilbert Islands”, shortened to Gilberts and later adapted to the name Kiribati.
  • 5. The official languages are English and Gilbertese.
  • 6. Kiribati became an independent country from the UK in 1979.
  • 7. The bird species Bokikokiko is the only endemic species to Kiribati.
  • 8. The currency used is the Kiribati or Australian Dollar, AUD.
  • 9. Most of the economy is based on coconut products, fishing, and seaweed farming, with tourism being a major part of new growth.
  • 10. Attractions for visitors include world class fishing experiences, cultural events, and WWII relics or historical sites.

Using Odysen in Kiribati

Whether for personal or professional, here are a few highlights with using Odysen for your activities:

  • Use in your preferred language, including English and 33 others.
  • Have your own private networks for friends, family and groups.
  • Freelancers and small businesses can use to have private networks with colleagues or clients and can promote their work with public pages.
  • Share content such as actions, events, notes, polls, music, office files, photos, videos, news and websites.
  • Get started with the free Basic plan!

Learn more about using in Kiribati, including solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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Recent trends for self-publishing

Are you a self-publisher or thinking about getting into it?  If so, here are few recent trends of what others are doing.

  • Anne Rice on being an Author in an Internet World, Examiner: An interview that goes through a comparison of before and after the Internet for authors, how she manages her own website and social networks, and encouragement for self-publishing authors with the new tools they now have to get things going.

Using Odysen for Your Writing Activities

Here are a few benefits you get from doing so:

  • Private Networks: Have separate networks for the different projects or groups you’re working with.  Within these you can organize content with folders, share office or multimedia files, actions, notes, events, websites and more.
  • Public Pages: Promote your book with public pages, either a network public page or using to manage your own website.

Learn more about using Odysen for writing, including application examples and other relevant blog articles.

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10 Ways to use Odysen in Italy

Have your own networks with others in Italy, here are a few ways to use with both personal and professional environments.


Share content with friends, family and groups you’re involved with.

Friends: Have networks with friends in Italy and elsewhere, use to stay in touch, share photos or plan upcoming events.

Family: Have a network just for family members, helpful with others living in different locations. Share photos, videos, notes of recipes, plan trips or vacations and more.

Travel: Use for travel by adding a new folder for each destination, with local websites for transportation or hotels, add local blogs to stay informed of current events and you can see an integrated view of the most recent article from each.

Organizations: Store useful reference content and keep members informed of changes or upcoming activities.


Share with colleagues and have separate networks for different clients, partners or customers.

Photography: Freelance photographers can share their photos in the Images application, others can review in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.

Design: Share your designs and other office files in the Documents application, others can sort by the date for the most recent version.

Consulting: Add blogs about the industry you’re focused in, seeing an integrated view of the most recent article from each. Share office files, organize projects and schedule conference calls.

Translations: Store and share translations in written, audio or video format, others can use in their preferred language including Italian, Spanish, French, German, Slovenian, Greek and others.

Project Management: Add a folder for new project, include actions with their priority, owner and due date, expand the project with sub-folders and schedule project reviews with events.

Small Business: Have a network with colleagues in Italy and elsewhere, use to share reference content, organize projects and working with others telecommuting.

Learn more about using Odysen in Italy or get started today with the free Basic plan!

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