Collaboration solutions in Czech

Looking for an Intranet or private network solution in the Czech language?

Having your own network to use in the Czech language.

With Odysen, you can comfortably use for a range of different activities in Czech.  Whether for users in the Czech Republic (Česká Republika) or others moved elsewhere but would like to regularly stay in touch, here’s a few examples of how you can use an Odysen network in Czech.


Once you create some folders for different topical ideas or themes, you can add content to the applications, integrated within each folder.

  • Actions: Manage projects, creating actions to organize by priority, status, due date or owner.
  • Notes: Share new ideas or store for later reference.
  • Documents: Can use for storing various files as well as any images, music, or video files.
  • Contacts: Store additional contact information for later reference.
  • News: Use the news reader to store blog feeds, such as the Guiri Guide, or add a unique search using a keyword.

Once content has been added, you can inform others with a quick email notification, they can add comments for feedback.

Using with Other Languages

Besides Czech and English, users can also use Odysen in other languages such as German and Polish.

If you have any questions with getting started or have recommendation of a different language translation, you can drop us a quick note in Support and we’ll be happy to help.

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