View Actions in a slideshow, sorted by priority

The slideshow feature has now been added to the Actions application.   This can be helpful to go through a list of actions in a specific folder, such as for an active project you’re working on or an event being planned.

While you can set up the slideshow to be in a few different orders or sequences, probably the most practical is viewing when sorting by priority.  Here’s the steps needed to do this:

  1. Select the folder you’d like to go through.
  2. Select the Actions tab.
  3. Click the column header for priority once to sort ascending, from 1 to 10.
  4. Highlight the action you’d like to start the slideshow with.
  5. Finally, click the slideshow button to start the show.

Here’s a screenshot of those steps:

View actions in a slideshow, sorted by priority.

Once the slideshow is launched, you can see the details of the action, edit if needed, view any comments or add a new one, and go forward or backward by clicking the appropriate buttons on the bottom of window.

While this example is going through all the actions sorted by priority, there are other options you can use to re-arrange the order as needed.

  • Add the filter My Actions to view only the actions that you are the owner of.
  • Sort by their due date to review by appropriate deadlines.
  • Add the filter Unassigned to see only the actions that don’t have an owner.
  • Sort by the Created date to view the actions as they were added, helpful to pay a little extra attention to some actions that have been on the back burner a bit too long.
  • Add the filter Pending to only go through actions that are held up for one reason or another.
  • Change the option to include content from sub-folders or to show actions from only the folder you’re in.   By default, the list will be showing content from sub-folders, helping to see a bigger picture of other actions in the same area.

Or use any combination of above that you think makes the most sense for you.

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