See all your websites in the All Folder

As you can usually find websites that specialize in just about anything, adding them to various folders and projects can become a common occurrence.  Adding some places of interest when planning a trip, customer or supplier websites for business activities, restaurant websites for going out and so on.

While it’s nice to have the websites stored in their appropriate folder, complimentary to the activity of the folder, sometimes it’s nice to view all your websites.  This includes both the ones you’ve added and those by others, at least from folders that have been shared with you.  To do this, just click the “All” folder, followed by the Websites tab.

See websites integrated from different folders in the All folder.

When reviewing your list, you can add a filter called “My Websites” to see only the websites that you’ve added.  Other helpful options include editing if appropriate or informing others with an email notification.

If you’d like to visit the website, click the “Go To” link, or to see the website in its respective folder, click the folder icon.

Lots of ways to both add websites complimentary to other types of content in their different folders, as well as stepping back to see a bigger picture with the All folder.

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