Setting up a network for the Neighborhood

For people living in a friendly neighborhood, using a private network can be a helpful way to organize and share your common interests and activities.

With your own network, you can make sure that only you and others you’ve included have access or visibility to your content.  All of your network pages are under HTTPS security and users will only have access to folders you’ve shared with them.  Folders can be created for different topics or activities, as appropriate with your neighborhood.  Content can then be added to applications integrated within each folder.

Organizing Different Types of Activities

Here are a few examples of ways or folders that you can set up when using a private network:

  • Garden Sharing: If you have a garden or few trees that produce more than you’ll use, let others in on the harvest.  Maybe even add a photo to documents of the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, apples, lemons or other freshly ripened produce.  Additionally share any recipes in notes.Have a private network to organize activities with others in your neighborhood.
  • Holiday Activities: Ring in the changing holidays or seasons, whether for May Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas caroling or Easter egg hunts.  Schedule the party in events or add some actions for more elaborate festivals.
  • Rules and Regulations: Store as reference information in notes or documents.  Helpful to make others aware of any issues or concerns that have come up in the past.
  • Vacations: Create a folder and share with others that you trust when you’ll be gone.  If someone has offered or agreed to help out, you could add in any details in a note, such as watering plants, taking care of pets, picking up the mail, etc.
  • Maintenance Tips: As different areas can be prone to common problems, share with others any secrets or tips that you’ve discovered.
  • Dinner Parties/BBQs: Have an occasional get-together or potluck, whether for a birthday, anniversary or just a nice sunny afternoon.  Send an email notification to inform others or add an event email alert for extra notice or preparation.
  • New Neighbor Parties: Welcome somebody new to your area, add the date and time into events, send an email notification to inform others, they can reply either directly from their email or clicking a link to add a comment in your network.
  • Community Projects: Use to share ideas or projects to be used by everyone, whether for a cultural project, a kids playground or a larger seasonal event.  Add the project as a new folder or sub-folder, with appropriate content into events, actions, notes or even websites for additional reference information.

Learn More

Visit the Neighbors solutions page for more information, including additional benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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