Having your own network for different kinds of Backup

One simple advantage with having your own network is using to backup, store, or having your content quickly available for later reference.  Some of the highlights when doing so:


While some photos are ok for more public networks, others are more appropriate with a private network, such as with your own family or group of friends.  You can upload photos into documents, others can add comments and view in slideshow mode.  By keeping in your own network, you can keep special occasions or celebrations in their proper perspective and have access to for later reference.  You can organize the photos as appropriate, such as with monthly events, creating a folder for each month, adding photos as appropriate, yourself or others can easily go back to later for reference, maybe using to put together a more elaborate project, such as for a photo album or marketing brochure if used for some type of small business, freelancing or group activity.

Office Files

As it’s your own network, you can create a folder for different types of personal files for safe and secure backup.  Such as in case your computer crashes, files get lost or other accidental things that can happen over a longer time period.  This could be with tax files, business documents or medical files, the types of documents that are important, need to be saved, but at the same time kept out of the way from your normal day to day activities.  You can create a folder just for you, add different types of content to the applications, even create an email alert with an event for monthly or annual reminders.


Bookmarking or saving websites is nothing new, some could even call it essential to efficiently use the Internet.  After all, a website can be looked at as simply a different perspective, and some of those you don’t want to quite so easily forget.  Especially if it was one that was hard to find or where it’s useful, but only in unique situations.  You can organize websites in different folders, with options to view all of them together, as well as other filter and sorting options.  If you find a website you feel someone else in your network would like, you can simply send them an email notification of it and both the website link and a link to your network will be included in the email, making it easy to share with others.


Keeping track of blogs remains one of the best ways to stay informed of changes.  First, they’re usually higher quality, getting more in-depth with longer articles and from relative experts in their niche.  Second, they’re diverse, for just about any niche or interest you can think of there are more than a handful if not dozens or hundreds of blogs covering that area.  Third, they’re usually new, being updated daily or at minimum on a weekly basis.  Using your own network, you can add your favorite blogs by simply adding their RSS URL, organize in different folders or niches and see integrated views from multiple sources, showing their most recently published article.  This makes it simple to organize dozens or hundreds of blogs, as well as sharing with others in your network, helping everyone to stay informed.

News Searches

Besides blogs, you can add a keyword into the news search.  This will show the most recent articles from multiple sources containing your keyword.  While not very practical for more common or generic terms, such as “weather”, putting in something more specific, such as a hobby, craft, specific location or a combination of terms can be more effective, casting a wider net for articles containing your keyword.  As with some search engines, you can include quotes to get an exact phrase or keyword combination.  This can be helpful for storing news searches that you regularly use, organize the searches in different folders appropriate for their content.  Since folders are usually topical or organized by their subject, it can often make sense to just set up a news search using a keyword the same as your folder name.


If you’ve played around with making your own recordings and would like to store them for either later reference or being able to access from a different computer, you can upload the songs or recordings into the documents application.  Find your music files faster by clicking on the filter Audio to show only music files.  You or others can play the songs directly from the network or download to your own preferred music player.


As with most things, such as your home, personal conversations and discussions with friends and family, having a little privacy is also helpful with the different types of content you’re looking to store or have for backup.  This way, you can simply park it there, know it’ll be there when needed and not have to worry about accidentally losing it or sharing with others that aren’t involved.  This can range from simple conversations or content sharing to more sensitive content such as anything for medical or financial concerns.  It’s your network, you can decide who should 1) be on your network and 2) what folders within your network that they have access to.

Access from Different Computers or Devices

While having a place to store your content can be helpful for general backup, by storing on your own network you can additionally access from different computers by simply logging in. Useful when visiting with others and would like to show them photos, tunes or other content without necessarily adding them to your network.  Or, when traveling and not having your own computer with you, you can access from an Internet café or other as yet to be determined locations.  Using an Odysen network, you get a password protected, HTTPS secured network to safely use in a variety of environments.

Instructions or Directions

For all those more lengthy processes, steps or instructions, you can add them to a note with a number or bullet list included.  This makes it easy to reference or go back to, such as for an Internet or computer process, directions to get somewhere or more personal such as a favorite, but detailed, recipe you’re regularly tweaking and changing.  Once the note is added, if you’d like to share it with others, you can send them an email notification with the note automatically displayed in the email.  Before sending, you can of course adjust, tweak or delete any of the initially added content.

Having your own network for backup can be a helpful solution to make sure your valued content stays with you.  With added privacy, you can use for a variety of topics or subjects and share with others whenever you feel is appropriate.  It’s your network, you decide what to do with it.

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