Recent news for Freelancers, how others are doing It

Whenever trying to learn something new, such as starting to do your own freelancing activities, it can be helpful to see how others are doing it.  Maybe learn some new things, think of how their situation could apply to yourself, sharing a laugh of a common perspective and other aspects to make your own learning curve a little smoother.

Here’s a few recent articles of freelancers and their activities:

Day in the Life of a Freelancer (GIF Edition), Freelancers Union: A hilarious collection of capturing the moment from the world of a freelancer.

Freelancers finding more open doors, Durango Herald: Examples of copy editors, writers and marketing professionals finding opportunities in Durango, Colorado.

How to Handle Overbooking Freelance Writing Work, All Freelance Writing: When it rains it pours, options to organize and prioritize the overflow.

How to Make Freelancing Work for Your Personality, Freelance Folder: Some of the freelancing challenges for different types of personalities.

Query Letter vs Letter of Introduction: Which to Use When, Freelance Switch: How writers can use to get a job or project without the regular or typical level of experience.

Freelancing – make it work for you, New Zealand Herald: How more people in New Zealand are turning to Freelancing as well as tips and suggestions for those starting out.

How Do You Increase Your Value as a Freelancer? Q&A, The Freelance Pinoy: Different types of ongoing education or learning opportunities to expand your skills.

The #1 Overlooked Social Media Opportunity for B2B Growth, MarketingWise: Taking a look at the recruiting aspects of using social media with your business.

Staying Healthy While Working as a Freelancer, ULancer: Exercise breaks, having healthy food around and a little socializing.

How Many Here Want to Get a Record Deal or to “Get Signed”?, IndieTrak: A sign of the times when an independent musician can make 12 times more by selling 4,000 copies himself versus have 5 number one records from a label.

Freelancers Find ‘Coffice Romance’ Via Coffee Shops, Mediabistro: With 42 million Americans freelancing in one form or another, the coffee shop replaces the office for a few romances, it’s not all work, work, work.

There is nothing like a blog (the freelancer’s recourse), Jazz Beyond Jazz: A few of the advantages with having a blog to share your expertise and experiences.

Global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry, Reuters: Different types of freelance activities from the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, India, Nepal and other places.

The Writing Buddy, Elyce G: An Author: The value of having someone else there for some extra inspiration.

Storing on Your News Reader

An additional option to stay informed of changes or how others are doing it is with adding a few news sources to the news reader in your network.  This could be:

  • From a Blog:  Copy and paste the RSS URL.
  • From a Keyword:  Type in a keyword into the news search to get articles from different sources focusing on that keyword, such as freelancing, freelance writing or other appropriate combinations.

Learn more about having a network for different types of freelance activities, including the benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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