How Freelancers can use to have separate networks for different clients

With the new plans, it makes it easier than ever for freelancers to organize and share different types of content with their customers or clients.

Some of the key ways that freelancers can take advantage of the new plans:

Networks are Free, Any Size

You can now create a network for each client, regardless of their size, helpful to start a network small with a new client and easily grow as needed for the different projects and activities you have with them.  Keep your content and projects separated by having a different network for each active customer.

A Single Login for All Your Networks

The change also allows you to have just one login for all the networks you’re involved with.  Login once for your account, go to the section labeled Networks and either click the network you wish to visit or create a new one.

Add Newsletters to Easily Stay Informed

If you have 10, 20 or more networks that you’re connected to, besides actually logging in or waiting for someone to send you an email notification, you can simply add a newsletter to each network to automatically get informed of any changes.  This could be new application content such as an event, note or photo, as well as feedback in the form of a comment.  Set the newsletter to check at appropriate time intervals, such as every day, and have it send you the update at a specific time, such as 8am, to go through while you’re having your morning coffee.

Upgrade Options

While you can get started and have multiple networks as a Basic subscriber, if you upgrade to a Premium subscription you get a few extra’s, helpful for more active users, all for just $1.99 per month.  This includes:

  • Actions: Get the Actions application, helpful for organizing more involved projects.  If other users you’re sharing a network with are Basic subscribers, you can still use the notes application with a list for smaller projects.   The Actions application could be used or reserved for more involved or larger projects, able to organize actions by their priority, status, owner, due date and other options.
  • News: Use the news reader to add and organize blogs of interest as well as adding a keyword into the news search to find stories from different sources about a specific topic or subject.  This could be adding keywords about your clients or the markets they’re involved with.
  • Event Alerts: For events that you think need a little extra preparation, you can add an alert to automatically get notified either minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance of the event.
  • Newsletter, Hourly: While you can use the Basic subscription to stay informed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with Premium you can add the hourly option to stay updated on an hourly basis, letting you know of any new content or comments that have been shared with you.
  • More Documents Storage: For your office files, photos, audio or other types of files, you go from 1 GB with Basic to 10 GB with Premium, with the option to add additional storage for just $0.25/GB.

Lots of options to help manage and organize your different freelancing activities.

Learn more about the benefits that freelancers can get from using an Odysen solution, including for:

Consulting, Providing Expertise and Support

This could be different areas of consulting, including IT systems support, event planners, travel planners, legal experts, marketing professionals, translators and virtual assistants.

Designing, Materials and the Web

Helping to design a building or different types of systems, including architects, designers, programmers or web designers.

Creative Roles and Activities

For people using more of a craft or skill, producing some type of a product, whether it’s material, an image or photo, music or something to read.  This includes artisans, graphic artists, musicians, photographers and writers.

Besides taking a look at the benefits, you can also see examples for using the applications, screenshots, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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