Use an Event Alert for extra preparation

This feature can be helpful for any meetings, conference calls, projects, upcoming trips or other activities that you feel will need a little extra preparation beforehand.  Schedule it in so much time before the event and you’ll automatically receive an email at that time, along with any notes or instructions you’ve left for yourself.  This can be set in either minutes, hours, days or weeks before the event, here’s a few examples of where this can be beneficial:


Use this one for events that might need some last minute preparation, checking to see any recent changes.

  • Schedule an alert 10 minutes before a conference call or scheduled webcam, to put together any content, presentations or other materials you’re expecting to go through.
  • Set one 30 minutes before going to an appointment in your neighborhood, such as going to a hair stylist, doctor or other scheduled appointment.
  • Have one 10 to 30 minutes before meeting up with someone, such as getting together at a coffee shop, pub or restaurant.


This can be helpful for events that need a little extra preparation but are still on the same day of the event.

  • A meeting or appointment across town or somewhere that can take a little longer to get to.  Schedule a reminder for anything needed to bring or checking logistics before leaving.
  • If you’re planning on going to an evening event, such as a concert or show, schedule an alert for a few hours ahead of time, appropriate for picking people up, traffic, bus or train schedules and anything else before it starts.
  • If you have a meeting with an important customer, schedule it a few hours beforehand to adequately prepare.


For larger events, trips or projects being planned.

  • If leaving on an extended trip, create an alert for things to be done while you’re gone, such as picking up your mail, having someone to take care of a pet or watching your place.
  • If attending or presenting at a larger event or conference, set up an alert for last minute preparations such as brochures or fliers being printed or confirming who will be there to help out.
  • If planning for a group project on the weekend, create an alert on a Wednesday or Thursday to pick up anything needed.


This can be useful for annual events, larger projects or more extended trips.

  • If you have a quarterly or annual summary to put together, schedule the alert a few weeks ahead of time, helpful for more thorough preparation.
  • A birthday or anniversary with someone close to you, to give time to pick up an appropriate gift or organize a surprise party.
  • If visiting another country, set a reminder a few weeks or more beforehand to take care of updating your passport, getting a visa, confirming hotels or other plans needed for your trip.

In summary, you can use the event alerts in lots of ways any time a little extra preparation is needed for an upcoming event.  This feature is part of the Premium subscription plan and will automatically be available whenever an upgrade from Basic is made.

Learn more about the events application, including the features, alerts overview, viewing options, FAQs and other relevant blogs.

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