How to change the Owner or Administrator of a network

This can be helpful for times when you’ve created and started a network but after awhile you’re no longer quite as involved and you’d like to hand off the responsibility to someone else in your network.

Some Examples

A few use cases of when this could be appropriate:

  • Just Getting Started:  Maybe you’ve created a network for someone to help them get started but after a week or a month, it’s more appropriate for them to be in charge of it.
  • Moving to a New Location:  If you’re managing a network that’s involved with local activities but you happen to be moving to a new location, you can hand it off to another user that’s better able to manage it.  This could be with a local club or league, a neighborhood network or ones with friends in the area.
  • Changing Responsibilities:  Such as with an association or organization where responsibility for who does what changes on a yearly basis.
  • Managing Projects and Customers:  This could be if you’ve set up networks for 10-20 different clients or projects and you’d like to bring someone else in to help manage or work with them.  While you can still be a part of the network as a regular user, you no longer have to be quite so involved, giving you more time to focus on your more active projects.

How It’s Done

Regardless of the specific situation you’d like to do this for, making the change is a simple process.   Here are the steps:

  • 1) Click the link “Manage Network”, on the top, only available for you the administrator or owner of the network.
  • 2) Click “Edit Owner” in the left navigation.
  • 3) Select another user from your network and click Save.

And a screenshot of these:

Once done, they’ll be the new owner of the network, allowing them to add or remove other users as well as changing the name if appropriate.

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