How to import files from your other networks

To help share a few of your files with the different networks your involved with, the Import feature has been added to the Documents application.  This can be especially useful with files that are larger and take a bit of time to upload, such as your larger audio/music and video files.

Here’s a screenshot of the process:

How to import files from your other networks.

Directions to Import

Here are the steps for doing so:

  • 1) Click the Import button from within the Documents application.  This is located directly on the right side of the Create button, giving you the two options to upload something new from your computer or phone as well as importing or copying a file from one of your other networks.
  • 2) A new window will open, click Select Files to view all of your files on your different networks.  From here you can click the checkboxes next to each that you’d like to copy into your existing network.
  • 3) Click Save and you’re done.

Other Highlights of the Feature

A few other key aspects available with the Import feature:

  • You can only import files from other networks where you’re the one who uploaded it.  So, while this can make it very efficient for your files, it’s limited to only your files and not ones owned or uploaded by others.
  • You can add a filter to the displayed files to only view images, audio/music or video files.
  • You can sort your files by clicking on any of the column headers, these being the Network, Name, When, Size and Type.

Just to give you rough of idea of the performance increase you’ll see, what used to take +10 seconds for a 60 MB file or a 5 minute audio file (a song), you can now use the Import feature to upload 10-20 similar sized files simultaneously in just a few seconds.

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