Re-claim your privacy with your own network

Any of these happen to you lately?

  • Facebook voting is gone, but privacy issues just get worse, CNET: Giving less support for users to provide feedback.  At Odysen, since our users are our customers, no problem there, you say jump, we say how high.  We work for you, no confusion and just as you’d expect from any product or service that you’re a customer of.
  • Do You Need to Keep Up With Facebook’s Privacy Changes?, PCMag: Good luck, throw in herding cats,  controlling the weather and curing the common cold while you’re at it.  The other option of course is simply not to post or communicate with your networks so much, sort of defeating the purpose of having a network in the first place.
  • Are You A Victim of Social Network Overload?, B2C:  Sort of reminds one of NAS from the movie Johnny Mnemonic, a story from the sci fi writer William Gibson.  While some say enough is enough, others might agree but admit not being able to control it or give it up, sounds a bit like a bad habit.   That said, no doubt there’s value to having a network to share content with others, it’s just that the question should be which solution or which network, ones that you have more control of or less control of, more chaos/order or less, up to you.
  • Local view: Social media overdose can be deadly, Duluth News Tribune: From a psychologist perspective, putting it on par with the negative effects from alcoholism.  Yeah, maybe an occasional celebratory drink or even your glass of wine with dinner, but at some point it just gets to be too much, for anyone.  With the answer being to somehow find that balance, to get the benefits from and keep on moving with the rest of your life.

If so, take a tour of Odysen, where you can have your networks and with that as many as needed for the different activities you’re involved with.  Invite whomever you feel is appropriate, not having to worry about others taking your content out of context or trying to keep up with the latest privacy change.  It’s your network, you’re in control!

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