Get extra focus for your Images, Photos and Graphics

Now when you log into your network, you’ll see a new application tab labeled Images, this being exclusively for any images, photos or graphics that you have on your network.  Here’s of screenshot of the new application:

Share images, photos and graphics with others on your network.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Organize in specific folders to compliment other activities or view all the photos shared with you in the All folder.
  • Upload from your computer or phone, import a collection from another network.
  • See a thumbnail preview of each image.
  • Initially sorted by the date, to help see the most recent photos first.
  • Can click the image or name to see a larger view, details or the description and any comments available.
  • Can view in slideshow mode for a collection of photos.
  • Can see in full screen for a better view.
  • Option to move a photo from one folder to another for better organization.
  • Let others know of new photos with an email notification.
  • If needed to delete, as it’s your content once deleted it’s gone.
  • Can search through your network for a specific image or photo.
  • Can see any recent changes from the Updates section.
  • Can get automatically notified of a new photo shared with you by creating a newsletter.

While before much this was integrated with the Documents application, by having it broken out into its own application it opens the door for lots of new features specific for sharing and viewing photos.  If you have some ideas, feel free to let us know in support, things are changing all the time, getting feedback helps to keep things focused on features important for you.

Learn more about the Images application, including:

  • Features: How to upload new photos and sharing with others.
  • Viewing Options: How others can view the photos and options to organize them.
  • FAQs: More detailed information about using the features.
  • Blogs: Other relevant blog articles about sharing images, photos and graphics.

This is available with both the Basic and Premium subscriptions.

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