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In case you haven’t noticed, the photo sharing network Instagram has gotten a bit of press lately for its privacy policy changes, basically taking ownership of anyone’s photos to do whatever they feel like with them, such as using for ads or anything else they can come up with.  In case one needed another example of whether you’re the customer or the product and the problems inherent when you’re not the customer, it would be hard to come up with a better one, here’s how a few others are covering it:

With all the backlash they’re been receiving, no doubt one could expect a full reversal but who knows.  After all, the intent was there so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise if they try it again, under a different name or feature of course.


While there are lots of photo sharing services available, such as Flickr, why not try a solution where you get a bit more.  With Odysen, here’s a few highlights or differences that you can expect:

For Sharing with Others

  • Create new networks for free, have separate networks for the different groups you’re involved with.  This could be for different groups of friends, family members, hobbies or other people you’re involved with.
  • Organize photos and other content in folders, such as from a trip or event, you can use as a photo album.  For privacy, only those that you’ve shared the network and folder with will be able to see your photos.
  • Let others know of new photos with an email notification, this will include a link recipients can click to go directly to the photo.  Create a newsletter to automatically get an email of any new content, such as photos or comments added.

For Sharing Photos

  • Click the Images tab to see a list of photos with thumbnail previews.
  • View a collection of photos in a slideshow such as from a trip or event, others can add comments for feedback.  Additional option to see in full screen for a more detailed view.
  • Upload photos to one network, efficiently Import them to others as appropriate.

For More than Photos

  • Schedule relevant events to compliment the photo activity in the events application.  Set up for a one time event or recurring, including daily, weekly monthly or yearly.
  • Add appropriate external content including websites or blogs to compliment the photos, provide a little more information such as from the location or activity.
  • Share other types of content, such as Actions for a project, Audio for sound or music recordings, Videos and Notes of instructions or directions.

With Odysen, you’re the customer and user meaning you never have to worry about advertisers or the baggage that comes with it, whether from the current issue happening with Instragram or some other privacy concern.  You own your content and can decide who to share it with or whether to keep or remove your content.  We just provide the tools to work with, you decide what to do with it.

Give it a try with the free Basic subscription, including the ability to create your networks, access to the all the applications and 1 GB of storage for your photos.   Upgrade to the Premium for just $1.99 per month, get 10 GB of storage and additional features.

If you need help getting started or have a question, you can let us know from Support, accessible from any part of your solution.

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