Get the first glance of Actions sorted by their priority

Now when you click on the Actions application tab from a folder in your network, the actions that you see will be initially sorted by their priority, on a scale of 1-10.  This is coming from previously being sorted by their name.

The change being made after realizing that probably +90% of the time when using the Actions application, the first thing done is to sort the actions by their priority.  Which makes sense, as you want to focus on what’s most important, what needs to be done next.  Even if some of the actions labeled as a 1 may take longer than others labeled a 4, if it’s more important, it still should be highlighted or kept aware of its priority.  Maybe it’s pending on something and by having it there it reminds you to double check what it’s pending on, who knows, lots of examples but the point being if it’s higher priority, it should clearly be shown for anyone in the network viewing the folder or projects and the respective actions.

See your projects with actions sorted by their priority.

From the list view sorted by priority, you have a few other options if appropriate:

  • Add a filter, including My Actions, Unassigned, Pending or Completed.  This will keep the list viewed sort by priority, but only show the actions with the relevant filter.
  • Click the name of the action to see the details, including the description and any comments.
  • If viewing actions from the All folder or a parent folder, you can click the small folder icon on the right side of each action to go to the action in its respective folder.  This can be helpful to see content from the other applications associated with that action or project, such as any notes, websites, events, etc.
  • Sort by a different option, such as the Name, Status, Due date Updated Date, Owner or Created Date.
  • Edit the Action by either highlighting the action and clicking Edit, or clicking the name of the action and clicking Edit from the detailed view.

Learn more about the Actions application, including the key features, viewing options, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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