New Filters for viewing only the files you’ve uploaded

A new feature has been added to the applications Documents, Images, Audio and Video, allowing you to filter out your files to only view the ones you’ve uploaded.  This can be especially helpful when viewing files from parent folders or the All folder, where you’ll more likely be viewing ones that others have shared with you.

How you can review, edit or remove any the files you've uploaded to your networks, including images or photos, audio or music recordings, videos and other miscellaneous documents.

To use, just click the respective filter for each application:

  • My Documents: For any word files, PDFs or other types of office files that you’ve uploaded.
  • My Images: To view your photos or graphics.
  • My Audio: For any audio or music recordings.
  • My Videos: To go through, edit or watch only the videos you’ve stored and shared.

This can be useful for reviewing, editing, or removing some of your content if appropriate, call it an occasional spring cleaning.

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