Top 5 ways for Small Businesses to use sub-networks

This can be helpful for working with colleagues, key customers or projects as well as relevant suppliers or partners.  Create as an extension off of your main network and as they don’t cost anything to create, add as many appropriate for your business activities.

These are all from your main network or the initial one you created.  You can use that for general information, backup or reference content and add the below sub-networks:

1) Development or Project Management

Have a sub-network just for any development or research projects.  Share only with those involved with the project and create folders for each of the different parts or features.  Add actions to each, with the owner, priority, status and due date, as well as seeing a summary of all your actions from the All folder.

2) Marketing

Have another sub-network just for your marketing activities, share with any partners, consultants or marketing professionals that also may be helping out.  Include websites, blogs, graphics, schedule events and other appropriate content.

3) Sales

This could be for working with distributors or other partners helping out on the sales side, include relevant product information, upcoming events or tradeshows or forecasts and other customer information.

4) Customers

If you have an especially large project or regular customer, it might be appropriate to have a sub-network just for them.   You can organize projects with Actions, schedule upcoming meetings, share appropriate files, notes and other content.  They can add feedback with comments and you can add a newsletter to automatically stay informed of any new content or comments.

5) Partners or Suppliers

Maybe not for every supplier or partner that you work with, but for the few that you are more involved with, you can have a sub-network just for working with them.  Let them know of new suppliers or services needed, schedule meetings, they can share any product information with you in documents, such as a PDF, presentation or word document.

For any new content you’ve shared, you can let others know with a quick email notification, where they can reply directly from their email or click a link to view the content in your network.

Learn more about having your own network with a small business, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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