10 Ways that Writers can benefit from having their own networks

As writers can often get fairly busy trying to juggle their different activities, here’s 10 ways to organize things a bit more by having your own networks.

  • 1. Storing Backup Files: From past work, outlines of something new or drafts as you’re working on them.  You can upload them to the Documents application, organize in different folders and sub-folders.
  • 2. Access from Anywhere: By storing on your network, you can access your files from different computers or devices, such as a laptop or tablet, helpful to reference when away from your normal writing environment.
  • 3. Using for Research: Add websites for reference, store notes or research files, schedule meetings in events or add a keyword into the news search, helpful to get news articles focused on a specific topic.
  • 4. Using Sub-Networks: For any larger projects you can create a sub-network just for the project, include anyone else that might be involved such as for helping out with adding relevant graphics, photos or images.
  • 5. Working on Multiple Projects: Create a sub-network for as many different projects that you’re involved with, keep all content about that project focused in one place for easy reference.
  • 6. Sharing Drafts: Add a copy to network and let others know with an email notification.   They can simply click a link from the email to visit your network and download your file.  Helpful for larger files or if you have other content on your network that you’d like their feedback on.
  • 7. Import Files: If you create a new sub-network for someone you’re starting to work with, you can import a collection of your writings or files from another network.  Helpful to quickly populate a new network with relevant content.
  • 8. Getting Feedback:  Others can add comments to any files you’ve shared, you can create a newsletter to automatically get an email summary of any new content or comments.
  • 9. Organize Publishing Activities:  If you decide to publish a book yourself, you can use your network to help organize what’s needed.  This includes having a copy of your work, websites to potential publishers or self-publishing services, blogs that offer tips or suggestions and you can add a few actions to help organize specific things that need to be done.
  • 10. Organize Marketing Activities: If you do your own promotion, you can centralize a few of your activities from your main network.  Add websites for quick reference, such as for your website, blog, bookstores or other book shopping sites.

Learn more about using an Odysen network with a writing environment, including using the applications, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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