20 Ways Travel Planners can use for information about a location

While nothing will ever replace actually being there, with having your own network there are lots of ways that you can stay relatively informed and aware of changes and events happening.  This can be helpful for sharing with others interested or with organizing your own visits.

  • 1. Store websites of recommended or preferred hotels and lodging.
  • 2. Store websites of favorite restaurants.
  • 3. Add local holidays or festivals to events, schedule on a recurring yearly basis.
  • 4. Store recent photos from the location in Images, view a collection in a slideshow.
  • 5. Add local blogs or newspaper RSS URLs to the news reader, see the most recent article from each in an integrated view.
  • 6. Add the name of the location as a keyword into the news search.  This will bring back news articles from multiple sources containing your keyword or location.
  • 7. Add websites of official sites, such as for the city or town.
  • 8. Store videos from past trips or visits.
  • 9. Jot down a list of favorite things to do in notes.
  • 10. Share the network with others that visit or live there, make it your own network just for those involved or interested.
  • 11. Store any health information needed, such as shots to be taken beforehand or other preparations when visiting more tropical or warmer areas.
  • 12. Add a checklist of things needed for the trip in a note.
  • 13. Add actions of critical things to do, such as updating a passport or visa.
  • 14. Add websites for travel logistics, such as for the local airport, trains, bus or ferry schedules.
  • 15. Create sub-folders for different towns, neighborhoods or activities within those areas.
  • 16. Add actions for a list of gifts or items to either bring or take back with you, or you can include the list of items in a note.
  • 17. Add websites of local attractions, such as museums, galleries or parks.  Have for quick reference to see upcoming events, include their blog feed if available.
  • 18. Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of any new content or comments shared with you, sending you an email summary of the changes.
  • 19. Save local recipes you discover in notes, include a bullet list for ingredients, a number list for instructions.
  • 20. Schedule a trip in events, include an event alert for extra preparation, sending you email reminder in hours, days or week in advance.

Lots of options to stay informed about your intended location or destination.  Keep the network to yourself or share with others as appropriate.

Learn more about how travel planners can benefit from having their own network, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs or other relevant blog articles.

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