Top 10 benefits for Telecommuters using a private network

If you’re one the many millions of people that work from home or telecommuting on a regular basis, no doubt you already enjoy a few benefits from doing so.  This includes more flexible scheduling, less money needed for gas or commuting and other little things, such as listening to your preferred music while you work or just being able to axe a few of the normal office distractions.

That said, as you’re still spending your time and working with others not in your location, it can be helpful to have a tool to stay in regular contact with, sharing a variety of content keeping everyone aligned and moving forward.  Here’s 10 benefits you can get when doing so with an Odysen solution.

  • 1. Invite only who’s involved.  This could be for a specific project or others that you regularly work with.
  • 2. Organize topics or projects with intuitive folders.  Create sub-folders as the project expands with options to see content integrated from all respective sub-folders.
  • 3. Share projects with the Actions application.  Assign owners to different actions, add an appropriate priority for each, add a due date if needed and change the status as the action gets complete.  The status could be Unassigned, Assigned, In Progress, Pending, Completed or Verified.  A few basic options to get the gist of what’s happening with a project.
  • 4. Share commonly used websites in a centralized place.  Add them to compliment other topics or projects, see an integrated view in the All folder.
  • 5. Schedule any trips or visits to the office in the events application, include an event alert for extra preparation, such as the commute time needed.
  • 6. Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of changes.  Schedule it to check your network every hour, day or week and if there’s new content an email will be sent to you with a summary of the content.
  • 7. Share any office files in the documents application, this includes any PDFs, word documents, presentations, spreadsheets or other files.
  • 8. Share any new ideas, meeting summaries, instructions or directions with a note, include bullet or number lists as appropriate.
  • 9. Inform others of any new content with an email notification.  Recipients can respond by either clicking a link to go directly to the item in your network or clicking Reply from their email provider.
  • 10. Last but not least, you can get started for free with the Basic subscription, able to take advantage of all the applications and more of features, including 1 GB of storage for your documents, images, audio and video files.


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