7 Reasons for Friends to have their own networks

For people connecting with friends, most likely the idea of having yet another network isn’t currently at the top of the list.  You’ve probably already been there, done that sort of thing, going through the cycle of connecting with a few people, then a few more and next thing you know you have hundreds of connections all jumbled together, not to mention all the ads, distractions or privacy hassles you increasingly have to deal with.  Get started with another network, yeah right, sure thing.

Of course, if you could have a network to help keep those connections organized, secure and without the ad distractions, that would be different.  With an Odysen network, you can get that or at least much closer to it, here’s 7 reasons why:

  • 1. You control who’s on your network.  This helps for your unique group of friends to more easily stay in touch, sharing photos, events, websites and other relevant content.
  • 2. No ads.  This gives you less distractions, more display and layout for what’s important, your content.
  • 3. New features alignment.  As you’re the customer, all new features are dedicated for you, not an advertiser.
  • 4. Dedicated support.  Whether for asking a question, reporting a problem or suggesting a new feature.  We’re here to listen and appreciate your input.
  • 5. Customized display names.  This is your network and you can call yourself whatever’s appropriate for the group you’re sharing it with.  This cold be first names, first and last names, nicknames, completely up to you, helpful to make your network as personalized as you’d be face to face.  Have different names for different networks if you want.
  • 6. You own your content.  As you’re the customer, it’s up to you for what you do with it, no worries of others using your photos or comments in any way other than what you intended.  If you’d like remove it, it’s gone, no issue, just like on your own computer.
  • 7. It’s free!  At least with the Basic subscription, this gives you the ability to create as many networks as appropriate, access to all the applications and 1 GB of storage for your photos and other files.  Individual users can upgrade to the Premium plan for additional features and storage options for just $1.99 a month.

Learn more about having your own network with friends, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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