6 Options available for Project Managers to scale their project

If using your network to help manage a project or two, here’s a few ways to scale it and keep it organized.

  • 1. Add sub-folders.  If you start having too many actions for one project or folder, you can simply create new sub-folders for different aspects or features of the project.  From here you can add new actions or move the actions from one folder to another.
  • 2. See actions integrated from sub-folders.  This can be helpful to see more of a big picture view of your project.  View from specific folders or see actions from across your network in the All folder.  If needed, you can select an option to hide the sub-folders, showing only the actions and other content just for that folder.
  • 3. Add sub-networks.  Maybe appropriate for larger projects or working with a completely different group of people than from your main network.  Once created, if you have files from one network that you’d like copied to your new network, you can use the Import feature to efficiently do so, allowing to import a collection of files simultaneously.
  • 4. Add complimentary content.  Besides actions, add other content relevant for the project, such as notes, websites, presentations, PDFs and more.  This can help in a couple ways, such as providing content to support relevant actions or including more perspectives to help solve or work through the actions available.
  • 5. Organize with filters.  This is adding a filter to reduce the list of actions viewable, such as clicking My Actions to see only the ones assigned to you, Unassigned to see actions not owned by anyone yet, Pending for any actions stalled for some reason and Completed to see the actions already done.  This can be helpful to better manage a project as it gets larger, such as quickly reducing a list of 50 actions to just the 5 or 10 assigned to you.
  • 6. Sorting by priority.  By default, when you view the actions they’re sorted ascending by their priority, those being 1-10 that you can assign as appropriate.  Similar to using filters, this and other sorting options help to look at a list of actions in a few different ways, useful as the list gets to 20,30 or more actions.

Learn more about using with project management, including using the different applications available, benefits, FAQs and relevant blog articles.

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