Top 10 ways that Musicians can use sub-networks

Here are some options for how musicians can share their recordings with different networks or audiences that they’re involved with.

  • 1. Share with different audiences.  Have separate networks or sub-networks for different audiences of your music recordings.  Some might be better for one type of songs, another for another type.  Your recordings can be uploaded to the Audio application.
  • 2. Import recordings from one network to another.  This allows you to upload your songs to one network, import them to others including the option to import multiple songs simultaneously.
  • 3. Let others know of your new songs with an email notification.  Recipients can click a link to go directly to the recording in your network.  Helpful for not bogging down their emails with larger files or what options they have to listen to the files.
  • 4. Options to listen to the songs.   Others can play the songs directly from your network or download to their preferred music player, such as for listening while traveling or not online.
  • 5. Including notes or lyrics if appropriate.  This could be musical notes being played to help other musicians follow along, such as G, Am, Em, C, D, etc, or including lyrics in case your recording isn’t quite as clear as it could be.
  • 6. Getting feedback from comments.  After others listen to any of your recordings, they can add a comment for feedback, such as “More cow bell!” or other helpful suggestions.
  • 7. Add a newsletter to stay informed of new comments.   This will automatically check your network for new content, such as any music recordings others have added as well as any new comments for your recordings.  If there’s new content, you’ll receive an email summary of the changes.
  • 8. Easy to go from one network to another.  Just click the link “Networks” on the top of any of your network pages to see all the networks that you belong to.
  • 9. Go through a collection of songs in a slideshow.  This can be helpful for listening to a number of songs, such as for a potential album you’ve thinking of putting together.
  • 10. Include the option for continuous play.  When viewing in slideshow, you can click an option to automatically play one song after another, useful to give it a listen while doing something else and not having to click play for every new song.

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