Thumbnails and scrolling keeps your Photo slideshow rolling

A few new features have been added to the slideshow view in the Images application, helpful for when viewing a collection of photos or graphics.   These being 1) seeing the thumbnails of other photos from the slideshow you’re viewing, 2) scroll arrows to quickly move through a larger collection and 3) an option for continuous viewing or Auto Play, showing one photo for 10 seconds before moving onto the next.

Here’s a screenshot of the new options:

Different options to view photos and graphics in a slideshow.

And a short review of each:

  • Thumbnails: See a small preview of each photo or graphic in your slideshow.
  • Scroll Arrows: Click the arrows on the right and left to go forward and backward.
  • Auto Play: Have your photos automatically change from one to the next every 10 seconds, helpful to go through a larger collection without having to click on every photo.

Solution Examples

How different solutions can benefit from the new features:

  • Personal: Share from a vacation, birthday party, holiday or other event.
  • Groups: Sharing group photos of everyone participating in a project or activity.
  • Small Business: Useful with marketing activities, such as sharing graphics of your logos, product or service as well as photos from company wide events, such as a holiday party.

Learn more about using the Images application, including the key features, viewing options, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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