10 Ways that IT Systems Managers can keep clients informed

If you’re an IT support freelancer and working with multiple clients, here’s a few ways for how you can keep your clients aware and informed of information needed.

  • 1. Have a separate network for each client, such a sub-networks from your main network.  Invite only others that are involved to have a focused network just for them.
  • 2. Organize their information with intuitive folders, creating for different topics, subjects or projects important for them, add sub-folders to expand.
  • 3. Use the notes application to share any instructions or directions, such as how to work with different applications and systems you’ve installed for them.
  • 4. Centralize useful websites in one place for your client, such as for other online applications or services they’re using.
  • 6. Schedule any upcoming events or meetings, include an event alert if any extra preparation is needed, such as putting together a summary of information or last minute updates to do.
  • 7. Helpful to work with clients in multiple locations, as they can access from the web, view shared content and add comments if more information is needed.
  • 8. Share any PDFs, presentations or other backup files in the documents application.
  • 9. Others can add a newsletter to automatically get informed of any new content or comments shared with them.
  • 10. Organize a larger project with the Actions application, others can view the priority of each, due date, owner and other information.  You can use the filters and sorting options to help manage the project as it expands and grows.

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