Listen to Music and Audio Recordings on continuous play

For any audio or music recordings that you’d like to listen to from your Odysen network, you can now do so without having to click Play for every recording.  Just select the option Slideshow, click Play and it’ll automatically go to the next song when the current one is done.

Here’s a screenshot of using the feature:

How to listen to a collection of audio or music files on your network.

Some of the highlights:

  • Click once to play through all the songs or recordings in a folder.
  • View the names of each to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Arrow buttons on the left and right to go forward and backward.
  • See the total time of each recording or song as well as how much you’ve already listened to.

Solution Examples

Here are a few ways to use the feature with different types of solutions:

  • Personal: If music is one of your hobbies, share a few of your recordings with others, they can listen to a whole collection or album while doing something else.
  • Groups: Pertinent for a music club or in a music educational environment.
  • Freelancers: Musicians can use to share their latest tracks, researchers can use to share a number of audio recordings, translators can share spoken translations and writers could use for storing audio notes.
  • Businesses: For any projects or work related to audio recordings such as mobile.

Learn more about using the Audio application, including the key features, listening options, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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