20 Benefits that Families can get with having their own network

These are just like the ones you get from having a conversation in your own home, phone call or webcam.  You get the privacy of being able to share content without the hassles or distractions of others not involved taking your content out of context.  It’s your network, you can use as appropriate for you and your family members.  Here’s a few of the benefits you get from an Odysen solution:

  • 1. A private network where you can create to share content exclusively with your family members.
  • 2. Organize content, topics or subjects with easy to use folders, add sub-folders to expand.
  • 3. Everyone can join for free as a Basic plan subscriber.  This includes the ability to create a network, sub-networks if appropriate, sharing content with the applications and getting 1 GB of storage for photos and other files.  Individuals can upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage options.
  • 4. Share photos from events, trips or holidays in the Images application.  Others can view in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • 5. Schedule recurring annual events, such as for birthdays or anniversaries.
  • 6. Share different hobbies you’re involved with, create a folder just for the hobby, share it with others interested and add photos, websites, notes and other content.
  • 7. Share websites you think others in your family would appreciate.
  • 8. Share relevant blogs, such as from different places you live or travel to.
  • 9. Plan a surprise party, you can do this by creating a folder including everyone but the guest of honor.  Schedule an event, add actions for more critical items and a note of the overall plan.
  • 10. Share any recipes you discover with the notes application, add a bullet list for ingredients and a number list for instructions.
  • 11. Let others know of new content with a simple email notification.  Some application content such as notes are automatically included, making the sharing process more efficient.  Recipients can reply directly from their email provider or click a link to view the content in your network.
  • 12. Have folders just for yourself, helpful to organize or store for backup any health or financial information.
  • 13. Create multiple networks for different families that you’re a part of.
  • 14. Select your own display name as appropriate for your family, such as using a display name of dad, mom, grandma or grandpa.
  • 15. Share and watch videos from past events, celebrations or activities.
  • 16. No hassles of distracting advertising or spam mail to deal with.
  • 17. Use in your preferred language with 22 available.
  • 18. Plan a vacation by creating a folder just for the trip.  Add sub-folders for different places or activities you’re planning for, include websites of hotels and other reference information, add notes of ideas and share photos from the trip in the Images application.
  • 19. Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of any new content or comments shared with you.
  • 20. Get quality support whenever needed, whether for asking a question on how to use something, reporting a problem or suggesting a new feature.

Learn more about having your own network with family members, including using the applications, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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