Top 20 benefits for Distributors using sub-networks

As distributors are spending a majority of their time working with third parties, such as customers and suppliers, having sub-networks to help support them can be a great way to keep things organized and aligned.  Here’s 20 benefits for when using with an Odysen solution:

  • 1. Have a main network just for you and your colleagues.
  • 2. Create sub-networks for different customers that you have projects or business with.
  • 3. Create sub-networks for suppliers or manufacturers that you support.
  • 4. Add a newsletter to each network to automatically get informed of new content or comments share with you.
  • 5. Organize a project with actions, creating a folder for the project and adding actions including the owner, priority and due date.  As the project expands, you have different ways to organize or can add sub-folders to break the project out into multiple sections.
  • 6. Can import files from one network to another.  Such as if you have a new product presentation from a network you created for a supplier, you can import that presentation to the relevant customer networks.
  • 7. Invite others for free, with starting out as a Basic plan subscriber.  Individuals can upgrade to Premium for extra features and storage options.
  • 8. Use in your preferred language with 22 available.
  • 9. Share websites for reference, such as adding supplier websites to your customer networks and adding relevant customer websites to your supplier networks.
  • 10. Similar to websites, you can add relevant blogs to your customer and supplier networks, helpful to keep both informed and aligned of new information.
  • 11.Others can add comments to any application content for feedback.
  • 12. Option for users to include additional contact information such as a phone number or location.
  • 13. Schedule events for upcoming meetings, add an event alert for any extra preparation needed, such as travel time to the customer.
  • 14. Easily navigate between your different networks by clicking the link “Networks” on the top of any page and selecting the network to access.
  • 15. You can have multiple networks open at the same time, such as in different browser tabs.
  • 16. Share photos of new products if appropriate in the Images application, others can view a collection in a slideshow.
  • 17. Use the documents application to share different types of office files, such as PDFs for product briefs, presentations of new products, spreadsheets of forecasts, word documents or text files.
  • 18. Include a meeting summary in a note, with options to add bullet or number lists for highlighting a list of items.  Let others know of the note with an email notification, they can view the note from their email, reply if appropriate or click a link to visit your network to view the note there as well as seeing any other application content in the same folder.
  • 19. Option for others to search a network for something specific.  This can be from an individual application or searching all your content from the Updates section.  The search will go through any titles, descriptions and comments available for each application item.
  • 20. Get quality support when needed, such as for asking a question in how to use something, reporting a problem or suggesting a new feature.

Learn more about how distributors can benefit with having their own networks, including using the applications, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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