Top 10 ways for Web Designers to share content with clients

Through creating separate networks, freelance web designers have lots of options for sharing different types of content, here’s ten:

  • 1. Have separate networks for each client, helpful to keep content focused just for them.  Invite whomever is involved and create folders for the different topics, subjects or projects that you’re working on.  Add sub-folders to expand a project.
  • 2. Store websites or services that the client uses in a central place, whether in specific folders connected to a project or viewing all the websites from a network in the All folder.  Use to store websites that you’re designing or services the client is using, such as for their own website, wordpress for their blog, analytics and other tools.
  • 3. Share relevant blogs that you think would be helpful for the client to pay attention to, maybe some ongoing education for content creation or SEO best practices.
  • 4. Organize a project with the actions application.  Helpful to communicate clearly to the client what your working on and the next steps involved.
  • 5. Let others know of new web designs or other content added with an email notification.  Add others to the To, Cc or Bcc fields, your email text and click send.  If sending the email notification from a website you’ve stored, the link to the website will automatically be included in the email.  This can be helpful for the client to quickly review your work and still have the option to click a link to visit the item in your network, useful if wishing to review other application content connected to the project.
  • 6. Others can add feedback to any of your application content with a comment.   You can create a newsletter to automatically get informed of new content or comments.
  • 7. Share an outline of a new web design or a meeting summary in the notes application.  Include a bullet or number list if appropriate.
  • 8. Schedule events for upcoming meetings with the option to add an event alert if any extra preparation is needed, such as final touches on this or that web design.
  • 9. Share any graphics or photos you’re using in the Images application, others can view in a slideshow if there’s a collection.
  • 10. If any videos are a part of the web design, you can have them stored in the Video application, able to watch from your network or download to your preferred video player.

Additionally, you can add other users or clients to your networks for free, by initially starting out as a Basic subscriber.  This includes access to all the applications and 1 GB of storage for any documents, images, audio or video files.

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