20 Benefits of having a private network for a Hobby

If you’re involved with a hobby, having a private network can help to provide a little more focus for you and others involved with it.  Here’s 20 benefits you can get from using an Odysen solution:

  • 1. Invite only those interested in the hobby, interest or activity.
  • 2. Privately share photos from past events.
  • 3. Share relevant websites, have in one place for quick access.
  • 4. Organize a list of things needed for the hobby in a note, include a bullet list for items and a numbered list for instructions.
  • 5. Let others know of new content with an email notification, they can reply directly from their email or click a link to visit the content in your network.
  • 6. Add events for upcoming hobby activities, including recurring if it’s something you do every day, week, month or year.
  • 7. Others can include additional contact information, such as their phone number or location.
  • 8. Share blogs that also talk about your hobby, getting updated on recent events.  You can also add a news search, able to put in a keyword to find articles including the keyword, such as the name of your hobby.
  • 9. Use to organize a celebration or party.  Create a folder for those involved, add any actions needed to be done and later share photos from the event on your own private network, not having to worry about others taking out of context.
  • 10. Write up and share a summary of a past hobby experience with a note, inform others with a quick email notification.
  • 11. Share videos taken from your hobby.
  • 12. Get feedback from others in comments.
  • 13. Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of any content or comments added.
  • 14. Have multiple networks for different hobbies you’re involved with, keeping content focused for each.
  • 15. Invite others to your network for free, as they can login as a free Basic plan subscriber, able to access all the applications and have 1 GB of storage for any documents, images, audio or video files.  There’s an option to upgrade to Premium for extra features and storage options.
  • 16. Store and share any relevant audio or music recordings for your hobby.
  • 17. Share relevant PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets or other miscellaneous files in the documents application.
  • 18. By having in a private network, you can more freely share your content and experiences, especially helpful when learning or trying to do something new, getting support from others sharing your perspectives.
  • 19. Plan an extended trip for your hobby, create a folder just for the trip and include websites, notes, photos or other application content as appropriate.
  • 20. Quickly add new members to relevant folders and content, this includes the option to include them to sub-folders anytime you add them to a respective parent folder.

Learn more about using an Odysen solution for a hobby, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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