5 Ways Architects can use to share content with clients

Have separate networks for different clients and share content appropriate for them, here’s a few ways you can do using an Odysen solution:

1. Create a Sub-Network just for Them

This can be helpful to organize content specifically for the client or project you’re working on.  Invite others that are involved and create folders for relevant topics or projects.  This can be a completely new network or a sub-network from one of your existing ones.

2. Share PDFs, Presentations and other Design Files

To provide any updates or drafts of new designs, you can upload and share in the documents application.  Let others know of the content with an email notification, they can click a link to go directly to the file in your network, with the option to add comments for feedback.

3. Share any Photos or Videos of the Site

Helpful to provide any updates or progress being made.  Others can view a collection of photos in a slideshow or watch relevant videos directly from your network.

4. Share Websites for Reference

This could be for a range of things pertinent to the design or construction, such as links to government zoning websites, partners or suppliers you’re working with or local services closer to the actual building site.  Store and share your relevant websites in one place for quick reference.

5. Organize Projects with Notes and Actions

Add a new idea or an outline to a note, easy to put together a quick summary for feedback.  For more developed projects, you can use the actions application, creating actions including the priority, owner and due date.  As a project expands, you can keep it organized by simply creating new sub-folders, each for the different part or section of the design.

Additionally, you can add others to your networks for free with the Basic subscription.  This allows users to create their own networks, use the applications and have 1 GB of storage for any files.  Individuals can upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage options.

Learn more about using an Odysen solution for architects, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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