10 Benefits for Artisans using with sub-networks

With using sub-networks, artisans can have a specific network for each customer or client you’re working with, helpful for a little extra focus.  Here’s a few benefits you can get when doing so:

  • 1. Have one main network for yourself or any partners you’re working with.
  • 2. Have separate networks or sub-networks for different clients or customers, helpful to keep content focused just for them.  Within each network you can add folders for the different projects you’re working on, add appropriate content to the applications.
  • 3. Share photos of any new work done in the Images application.  Others can view your photos in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • 4. The ability to import photos or other files from one network to another.  Helpful to initially upload to your main network, followed by importing to your other networks as appropriate.  Import a collection simultaneously for quickly setting up a new network and adding relevant content to it.
  • 5. Share a note for any new ideas or a project you have in mind.
  • 6. Store and share any other websites you use for reference.
  • 7. Organize a larger project with the client using the actions application.  Add actions with a brief description, the priority, owner and due date.  Include others that may be helping out on the design or construction.
  • 8. Others can add comments to any photos of work you’ve shared with them.
  • 9. Add a newsletter to any of your networks to automatically get informed of any new content or comments shared with you.
  • 10. Add other users to your networks for free with the Basic subscription.  This includes the ability to create networks, use the applications and have 1 GB of storage for any documents, images, audio or video files.  Individuals can upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage options.

Learn more about how artisans can use an Odysen solution, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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