Importing Files from your other networks, simplified

Now when you’re importing different types of files from some of your other networks, it’s a bit more streamlined or simplified.  This can be done with the following types of content:

  • Audio: For your audio or music recordings.
  • Documents: For any PDFs, word files, presentations, spreadsheets or text files.
  • Images: For any photos or graphics you’ve uploaded.
  • Video: For any videos taken that you’d like to share.

The change being that instead of clicking Import and seeing all your files from different networks at once, you now need to select which network you’d like to import from, followed by selecting the specific files from that network.   This is better as when you combine your files from multiple networks, it can get a bit repetitive with any duplicate or very similar versions and can even get what you could call unwieldy if importing from over +10-20 networks that you’re involved with.

Here’s a screenshot of the new process:

How to import files from your other networks, including any photos, graphics, documents, music recordings or video.

And a description of each step:

  • 1. Click Import from the Application: This can be done when in the application tabs Audio, Documents, Images or Video.
  • 2. Select the Network to Import From: A new window will appear showing you the different networks you’re connected with.  Click the appropriate radio button for the network you’re interested in.
  • 3. Select the Files to Import: Once your network is selected, the files that you’re an author of will be displayed.   Select as many as appropriate, you can import multiple files simultaneously and in a fraction of the time it would take to normally upload (no dependency on local upload transmission speed or performance).
  • 4. Click Import to Finish:  After you select your files, click the Import button and you’re done.

Once completed, you can let others know in that network of the new content with a simple email notification.  Recipients can click a link from the email to go directly to file in your network, add comments if appropriate for feedback.

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