20 Benefits for Designers sharing content with clients

For designers looking for a networking solution to better work with and share content with their clients, here’s 20 benefits you get from using an Odysen solution.

  • 1. Have a separate network for each client, such as creating sub-networks from your main network.
  • 2. All networks are HTTPS secure, password protected.
  • 3. As you’re the customer, you own your content, just like an application or files on your own computer.  You decide who to share it with and whether to keep or remove.
  • 4. Share PDFs, presentations, word documents, spreadsheets, text and other miscellaneous files with the documents application.
  • 5. Organize a project with the actions application, include the priority, owner, due date and other information.
  • 6. Create sub-folders to organize a project with many different parts, share each folder with others as appropriate.
  • 7. Share any images, photos or graphics in the Images application.
  • 8. Schedule appropriate events, include an event alert for extra preparation.
  • 9. Add a newsletter to each of your networks to automatically get informed of any new content or comments.
  • 10. Share an outline of a new design or project with a simple note, including bullet or number lists if appropriate.
  • 11. Inform others of any new content or designs with an email notification, able to add recipients to the To, Cc or Bcc fields, helpful to inform a number of people at once of new content.
  • 12. Option to import files from one network to another, helpful for any designs that you use on a frequent basis.
  • 13. Include relevant websites with any folders or projects you’ve created.   Helpful for additional reference information connected with your project or design.
  • 14. Share any videos of your design with the Video application, others can watch from your network and add comments.
  • 15. Include meeting summaries in a note.  Once done you can send it out with an email notification, recipients can view the note directly from their email, respond from their email or click a link to visit the note in your network, along with any other content relevant for the note.
  • 16. Option to search your network.  Helpful for you or others to quickly find something specific.  Type in a keyword from each application or from updates, seeing results from all the content in your network.
  • 17. Include with your contact information your phone number and location, helpful for clients to reach you besides using your network or email.
  • 18. Get quality support whenever needed, including for learning how to use, reporting a problem or suggesting a new feature.
  • 19. It’s free for anyone on the Basic plan subscription, such as any clients you invite to your network.  Basic users get access to all the applications and 1 GB of storage for files in documents, images, audio or the video application.
  • 20. Option for individuals to upgrade to the Premium plan, this includes 10 GB of storage, additional features and storage options, all for just $1.99 per month.  By making the plans based on the individual, you don’t have to pay for your clients access, they can upgrade on their own if appropriate.

Learn more about how designers can work with their own networks, including using the applications, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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