10 Places to travel using the Deutsch or German language

Spoken by over 100 million people, German or Deutsch is a common language used in much of central Europe as well as other areas such as in Africa, South America and the US.  If looking for few places to travel including the German language and culture, here’s 10 to start with:

  • 1. Germany: Drive as fast as you want Different places speaking German or Deutsch worldwide.on the Autobahn, visit Munich for beers galore during Oktoberfest or pick up a few books on historic German philosophers and writers, such as Nietzsche, Goethe, Kant, Schopenhauer, Eckhart, Rilke (Austrian) and others.
  • 2. Luxembourg: Stay in the city of Luxembourg or visit areas in the countryside.
  • 3. Liechtenstein: While one of the smallest countries, still have plenty to do in Liechtenstein including hiking opportunities everywhere and food options bringing in cultures and tastes from the surrounding areas.
  • 4. Switzerland: Drive through the mountains, stop by Interlaken before beginning more adventurous activities.
  • 5. Italy: Visit South Tyrol in the northernmost part of Italy, while there you can try out some hiking, mountaineering, biking or take in some of the cuisine combining Mediterranean and Alpine influences.
  • 6. Austria: See the paintings of Klimt in the Gustav Klimt museum in Vienna or listen to Mozart in the Mozarteum in Salzburg.
  • 7. Namibia: While German is no longer an official language of Namibia, it’s still spoken in many of the tourism and business environments.  While there, you can go on one of the many safari or ecotours available.
  • 8. Brazil: Even though most of Brazil speaks Portuguese, a few cities or towns include German as a co-official language.  These are dominantly in southern Brazil, including the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, but also the municipalities of Domingos Martins, Laranja da Terra, Pancas, Santa Maria de Jetiba, Vila Pavao, Itueta, Pomerode, Cangucu, Espigao d’Oeste and others.
  • 9. Argentina: While currently German is the 5th most spoken language in Argentina, it’s still present in areas such as Villa General Belgrano and other similar towns.
  • 10. US: Visit the midwest or north central part of the United States to see many different areas influenced from early US German immigration.  In North and South Dakota, German is most common language spoken at home outside of English, while in Minnesota and Wisconsin, you can visit New Ulm, Berlin and Germantown.

For your different travels and trips, you can use an Odysen solution in Deutsch for any planning beforehand or sharing content with others after departure.  Here’s some examples when doing so:

  • Create folders and sub-folders for the different locations you plan on visiting.  Add content to applications included within each folder.
  • Add notes including a list of things to do or a travel itinerary.
  • Store and share photos from your trip in the Images application.
  • Schedule events for departure dates, include an event alert if extra preparation is needed.
  • Store useful websites, such as any lodgings you plan on staying at, restaurants to check out or other local activities.
  • Add a few news sources to stay informed of current and local events.  Add a keyword to the news search of a specific location to get news about the place from multiple sources.
  • Create a few actions for anything critical needed, such as getting an appropriate Visa or other items needed to pick up before your trip.

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