9 Ways for Translators to share content with clients

By working with their own networks, translation freelancers can help keep content focused and organized with appropriate content.  Here’s nine ways to do so with an Odysen solution:

  • 1. Have separate networks for different clients and invite others involved with the translation project.  Once a network is created, you can create folders for the different projects or jobs you’re working on.
  • 2. You and others can use the network in your preferred language, with 22 available.  These can be different for each network you’re involved with, helping to stay aligned with the preferred language of your client.
  • 3. Write out an outline of a new project with a note, include a bullet or number list for the different tasks or steps involved.  Once created, you can let others know with a quick email notification.  They can reply either directly from their email or click a link to see the note in your network, helpful if there’s other application content associated with the note.
  • 4. Organize a project with the actions application, include the priority, due date and owner for each action.
  • 5. Upload and share translations in a PDF, word document, text or other file types to the documents application.
  • 6. Share any audio translations with the audio application.  Others can listen directly from your network and add comments for feedback.
  • 7. Share any video translations that you’re working on with the video application, potentially for including with sub-title translations.
  • 8. If doing a translation for a website, you can include the website of your work done with the website bookmarking application.  Store in specific folders, such as those relevant to the project, or view all your websites from the All folder.
  • 9. Share or schedule upcoming meetings with the events application, include an event alert if extra preparation is needed.

Additionally, you can add others to your networks for free as they can start out with the Basic plan.  This includes being able to create new networks, using the applications and having 1 GB of storage for any documents, images, audio or video files.  For more active users there’s an option to upgrade to Premium, getting extra features and storage options.

Learn more about how translators can work with an Odysen solution, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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