5 Trends and Hobby ideas for 2013

If looking for something creative to do in the new year, here’s five hobbies that capitalize on some of the larger trends happening these days.

Trend #1: Tablets, Phones and Mobile Connectivity

They cost less than a computer, don’t need a land line and thus allow the possibilities to be connected just about anywhere.

The Hobby: More Outdoor Activities. Geocaching for one, gives you an opportunity to get out of the house and go somewhere new, such as a day trip to a state park or two.  Other activities could include hiking, fishing, photography or simply visiting some outdoors farmers markets.  Either way, with being connected you have less chances of getting too lost, a little lost is ok now and then, or being able to regularly check the weather in case a storm is approaching.

Trend #2: Social Network Overload

It happens, especially with things that have lots of game type features, ie you play the game enough times, gets boring, time to move on.

The Hobby: Be like a salmon and go the opposite direction. Instead of having everything external, go internal. This could be learning something new, doing something creative and if you’d like to share it, share it on a private network such as with Odysen.  Plus, you can look at it an oasis or simply taking a nice relaxing vacation before jumping back in for this or that reason. Or, if you’d like to do both, at least maybe recognize the value of what some call a balance, able to make both sides stronger with not being too dependent on either.

Trend #3: Inflation Diet Plan

Whether from energy costs, transportation, distribution and other factors, either way, the result can mean you get less food for the same price, ie easier to package less than to charge more.

The Hobby: Home gardening. It’s fairly simple but does require some space and an occasional watering.  This could be a regular garden or more creative outlets such as city gardens or even an indoor one for those in colder climates.  Start with lettuce or seasonings, add tomatoes, lemons and more as appropriate.  In the middle of winter you get to have fresh produce harvest parties.  While this may not seem like the most exciting activity, compared to the alternative of ice fishing, falling through the ice, getting frostbite, it could be worse.  Plus, you can rationalize a little extra ROI from the energy you’re already producing in heating your home.

Trend #4: A Smaller World

As you can get news or information about seemingly anything, anywhere or anytime, a sense of there being less unknowns can come about, versus when you’re a child and everything is new, the world seemed much bigger.  Of course, it’s still generally the same place, it’s simply your perspectives of it maybe start to get a little filled up.

The Hobby: Read some books. You can look at it as you’ve got a good surface level coverage of things but if you really look into it, it can go much further.  History books can be interesting, how even though you might be reading about something that happened decades, hundreds or thousands of years ago, the general situation or struggle is similar, similar actors and even jokes.  Just like music, most of what you hear has roots that go back in all kinds of interesting directions and what you hear today is often the most recent surface level, maybe like bark on a tree.

Trend #5: More Freelancing Activities and Professionals

With this comes more services that can help support the freelancer, allowing them to focus on the work or creative aspects.

The Hobby: Making a hobby into something more. If applicable, this can be taking your hobby to a different level of not only sharing your expertise with others but also to have some extra income.  This could be someone in woodworking as a hobby starting to take requests from others, a writer finishing some stories or a book and publishing it or a musician perfecting some of their recordings with relatively advanced low-cost home recording equipment.  Either way, with so many people freelancing, when making your hobby more professional, you have more services and people to ask questions to when help is needed.

To help organize your new hobby activities, you can do so with an Odysen network.  This includes creating a new network for free, keep it to yourself or share with others also interested.  Once created, you can add folders for different aspects of the hobby, add content to the applications including:

  • Add notes of any new ideas or trip plans, include bullet or number lists if needed.
  • Store useful websites for later reference.
  • Add blogs from others discussing the hobby you’re interested in into the news reader.  You can use the news search to get articles of something specific, such as “hiking California”.
  • Share photos from your hobby in the Images application, others can view a collection in a slideshow.
  • Store video recordings or tutorials in the video application.
  • If your hobby is music, store and share your new recordings in the Audio application, others can listen to a collection on continuous play.
  • Add events for any upcoming trips, festivals or other events.

Get started with the free Basic plan, including the ability to create networks, use the applications and have 1 GB of storage for your files.  Upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage, get quality support whenever needed.

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Founder and CEO of Odysen, involved with different writing and music freelancing activities, and have previously worked for larger technology businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.