Top 10 types of content Leagues can share with members

For people in charge or helping to manage a league, here’s a few different types of content and activities that you can share with others from using an Odysen solution.

  • 1. Schedule weekly or monthly league events, share only with others involved.
  • 2. Share a list of items needed for an upcoming event or activity in a note.
  • 3. Share photos from past activities, others can view a collection in a slideshow.
  • 4. Share commonly used websites, such as those associated with your league activities.
  • 5. Store and share any videos taken, others can watch from your network and add comments if appropriate.
  • 6. Organize a larger project or event for your league using the Actions application.  You can organize the actions by priority, due date and owner, add sub-folders to expand if needed.
  • 7. Share information for a one time event, seasonal or holiday party.  Create a new folder just for the event, share with others involved or helping to organize it and add appropriate application content.
  • 8. Share results of past events, such as the scores, with the notes application.  Include a list of the results, let others know with an email notification.  For a note, the content will automatically be included in the email, recipients can reply directly from their email provider.
  • 9. Use to help organize a trip with league members.  Create a folder or even a sub-network just for the trip, share only with others involved and add appropriate application content.
  • 10. Share any blogs relevant for your league in the news reader.  You can also add a keyword to the news search, showing articles with your keyword included.

Additionally, you can invite other league members to your network for free, they can start with the Basic plan subscription.  This includes access to all the applications and 1 GB of storage, used for any documents, images and photos, audio or video files.  If needed, individuals can upgrade to the Premium subscription for just $1.99 per month, getting extra features and storage options.

Learn more about using with a league, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs and relevant blog articles.

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