Top 11 ways for Sales to use for sharing content with customers

While you can have one main network for different business activities with colleagues, you can also create various sub-networks for the specific customers you’re involved with.  When doing so, here’s eleven ways you can share content with customers using an Odysen solution:

  • 1. Set up a different sub-network for each customer, invite others that are involved and organize topics or projects with intuitive folders.  Within the folders are applications that you can share relevant content with the customer.
  • 2. Share different types of office files in the documents application, helpful for PDFs of product briefs, customer presentations, spreadsheets for forecasts and other files.  Others can download to review or add comments for feedback.
  • 3. Option to import files from one network to another.  This allows you to upload relevant files to your main network, followed by importing one or a collection at the same time, to your other customer networks.
  • 4. Organize a project with the actions application.  Create appropriate actions including the priority, owner and due date.
  • 5. Share useful websites, such as links to any publicly made application notes or additional product information.
  • 6. Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of any new content or comments shared with you.  Schedule it to check your network every hour, day or week and you’ll receive and email summary of the changes.
  • 7. Add a note for outlining an upcoming customer meeting or to summarize one that already happened.  Include a bullet or number list for specific items, inform others with an email notification and they can reply either directly from their email or clicking a link to see the note in your network.  This can be useful if other content is available relevant to the note.
  • 8. Schedule upcoming meetings in events, include an event alert in case any extra preparation is needed, such as time needed to travel to the customer.
  • 9. If appropriate, share any audio recordings or videos with your customer, others can listen or watch directly from your network.
  • 10. Easy to go from one of your networks to another, just click the link “Networks” on top of any network page.  You can have multiple networks open at the same time, such as in different browser tabs.
  • 11. Share with international customers, they can use in their preferred language.

Additionally, you can invite customers to your sub-networks for free, as they can start out with the Basic plan subscription.  This includes the ability to create new networks, using the applications and 1 GB of storage for any documents, images, audio or video files.  More active users have the option to individually upgrade to Premium, getting extra features and storage options.

Learn more about how people in sales roles can use an Odysen solution, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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