3 Ways Web Designers can use private networks to manage their projects

As the web and rules for participating in the web are constantly changing, so likewise are the projects that web designers are involved with.  Whether this is for new ideas, projects just started, ones nearing completion or ones already done but require occasional maintenance, either way you find yourself with generally a large quantity of projects involving different clients and the different stages or goals that each of them are in.

Here’s three ways that web designers can use an Odysen solution to help manage all these projects:

1. Have one network for yourself

Or share it with any colleagues as appropriate.  The Centralize content on a main network.point being is you have one network to centralize your work and the different resources you use.  Additionally, once any files are uploaded to one network, you can easily import them to others as appropriate.

2. Create sub-networks for specific clients

For each client that you’re working with, you can Have multiple networks for different clients.create a sub-network for them, keeping content focused just for that client and their projects.  Import files from your main network or upload directly to your sub-network.  Clients can add comments for feedback and you can create a newsletter to automatically get informed of new content.

3. Create folders and sub-folders for different projects

With your networks, add folders for the topics, subjects or projects that you’re involved with.  As the project grows, add sub-folders for the different aspects or history of the project.  Add various content to the applications, such as actions that need to be done, upcoming events, notes of new ideas or instructions, useful websites for reference, store graphics or photos in images and more.

To help organize any topics, subjects or projects with your network.

Try it out for yourself with the free Basic plan subscription, able to create as many networks or sub-networks as needed and use any of the applications.  You can upgrade to the Premium plan for additional features and storage options.

Learn more about using an Odysen solution for web designers, including using each of the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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