6 Places to visit using the Portuguese language

While there are over 10 million people in Portugal, worldwide Portuguese is used by approximately 240 million, including being the official language or having a significant presence in 11 different countries.  Here’s a short overview of traveling to a few of these:

  • 1. Portugal: Visit for the scenery, beaches, Where Portuguese is used around the world.mountains, wine, seafood, holidays, historical sites and more.
  • 2. Cape Verde: An island country including 10 islands 570 kilometers off the western coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a popular holiday and travel destination.
  • 3. Goa, India: On the southwest coast of India, Goa is beaches, beaches and more beaches.  Take a break from the sun with an occasional festival or visiting different temples in the area.
  • 4. Macau: A hotspot for people in China or Hong Kong to visit for a day, weekend or longer, Macau’s attractions include gambling for those interested as well as a scattering of Portuguese cuisine that would be tough to beat.
  • 5. East Timor: For a little more adventure or really getting away from it all, you can visit the Portuguese speaking county of East Timor.  This could be hiking, beach combing, visiting historical sites and more.
  • 6. Brazil: Home to the largest amount of people speaking Portuguese with nearly 200 million, you can visit Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon rainforest or the hundreds of miles of coastline and villages along the way.

For planning your trip or sharing content with others after you’ve departed, you can use your own private network in Portuguese.  Create folders for the different topics or locations you’re interested in, add appropriate content to the different applications, such as:

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  • Schedule your departure dates or local holidays and festivals with events.
  • Keep backup copies of your passport or visa in documents or images, helpful to have a copy online to access when needed.
  • Organize a project or add critical things needed to the actions application.
  • Store any useful websites with the website bookmarking application, helpful for planning and to easily reference to at a later time.

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