How Writers can use a private network to organize a book

Have the writing bug and thinking about actually jumping in, getting started and giving it a go?  As this is typically not what could be considered a trivial project and is usually done while still doing one, two or many more other things, it can take some time.  After all, not everyone can pull off a Kerouac style book with starting and finishing in a few weeks.

If that’s the case, you can use an Odysen network to help keep things organized, more easily catch up from where you left off.  Here’s a few ways you can do so for the different stages of your book.

Using for research

Create folders or sub-folders for the different topics and add the following types of content to the applications:

  • Websites: Store in one place for quick reference, organize in different folders or see them integrated in respective parent folders.
  • Notes: Add a bullet or numbered list of any brainstorming ideas or outlines.
  • News: Store any relevant news sources in the news reader.  Use the news search to add in a keyword about the topic or subject you’re interested in.
  • Documents: For any PDFs or other research papers.
  • Events: Schedule any upcoming trips or meetings with others.
  • Audio: For any recorded interviews or personal notes.
  • Video: For any videos you’ve taken for later reference.

Working on initial drafts, storing for backup

As you start writing up your initial drafts or chapters, you can store them on your network for easy reference or backup in case something happens to your originals.  As tragic as it is, it happens, this could be your laptop getting stolen, broken, a computer crash, virus or any other random occurrence.  Either way, by having a regular backup stored somewhere, you can easily pick up where you left off, not have to worry about rewriting 20-30,000 words.  You can store any word documents or other office files in the Documents application and once stored, you can sort by the uploaded date to quickly see the most recent version.

Sharing for feedback

As your drafts reach completion, you can share them with others in a couple ways.

  • Create a separate folder: Add others to your main network, create a folder for your latest draft and share it with them.  When they log in, they’ll only see the folders you’ve shared with them.  If the file is in a word document or PDF, they can download to review or print to read in their own time, go back to your network and add comments for feedback.  This could be for the whole book or one chapter at a time if easier that way.
  • Create a separate network: If you don’t want to confuse things too much with your main network, or if you have multiple writing projects with a specific person or group reviewing your work, such as a publisher, you can create a separate network just for them.  As creating new networks doesn’t cost anything, it’s really up to you how you want to organize things.  Likewise when you add others to your new network, they’ll be added as a free Basic subscriber, so once again no pricing worries for however you’d like to organize how you’re sharing your content.

Organizing your work for publishing

This can be using your network for other things besides the actual writing of your story or book, such as:

  • Storing any graphics or photos that are used in the images application.
  • Use websites for storing quick links to different publishers or self-publishing options.
  • Add actions for anything else you need to do, such as review follow-up, changes to be made or other adjustments.
  • Schedule events for upcoming meeting or discussions of your book.

Organizing marketing activities and promotion

As some writers proclaim, writing the book was the easy part, but the real work begins once published.  With that, you can use your network to help organize some of these promotional activities, including:

  • Create a folder for your website or blog activities.  Include a link to your website or blog administration sections.  Include relevant graphics in the images application, use actions if organizing a larger promotional project.  Add sub-folders for other online promotional activities, such as websites to any book clubs or social networks you’re a part of.
  • Create a folder for bookstores or distribution outlets you could partner with.  With that folder you can include their websites, notes about each, schedule book speaking tours in events, include PDFs or other promotional backups in the documents application.

Lots of options to store and share the different parts of writing your book, learn more about how writers can use an Odysen solution or get started with the free Basic plan.

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