How Consultants can use to share brainstorming ideas

One of the biggest values a consultant can bring to a client or project is with helping them get beyond their current capabilities, whether for helping to complete some specific tasks or helping to create and organize a new plan or strategy.  When doing so, having a brainstorming session can be a common way to kick things off, jotting down and sharing ideas without your normal constraints, trying to get to a bit more of your outside the box type thinking.

Here’s a few ways you can share your brainstorming lists with an Odysen solution:

Organize with separate networks

Have one for each client that you’re working with, helping to keep content appropriately focused.   Within each network you can create folders for specific projects and within folders you can add different content to the applications.

Add a list to a note

Use the bullet or numbered list feature Adding a brainstorming list to a note.for a list of ideas in the notes application.  Add different types of rich text editing options to enhance the content, such as bold, italics, strikethrough or strikeout and different font styles, sizes or colors.

You can inform others with an email notification and by default, the content of the note will be included in the email notification for easy reference, of which you can of course edit or remove before sending.

Upload a word document, spreadsheet or presentation

If you’ve created the brainstorming list on another tool, such as word document or spreadsheet, you can upload a version to the documents application.  Others can reference and download when needed.  By default, when viewing the documents they’ll automatically be sorted by the date uploaded, helping to see the most recent version first.

Include events for upcoming reviews

For upcoming meetings, conference calls or reviews of how things are going, you can schedule it in the events application.  Include an event alert for extra preparation, automatically sending you an email in minutes, hours, days or weeks beforehand.

Add larger or approved tasks as actions

For items on your brainstorming lists Organize brainstorming ideas with actions.that are decided to move forward with, you can add them as an action with the actions application.  When doing so, you can include the priority (1-10), a detailed description, due date, owner and the initial status of the action.

When later reviewing your actions, the list will automatically be sorted by their priority, helping to see the most important items first.  As the list of actions grows, you can add filters to re-organize such as My Actions to only show the actions assigned to you as well as different statuses, including to only view the actions Unassigned, Pending or Completed.

Get feedback from comments

Others can add a comment to any application content you’ve shared with them.  You can also add a newsletter to your network and you’ll automatically get informed of new content, such as any comments added.

Whether you’ve added the brainstorming list to a note, uploaded into documents or included as actions, you can use an Odysen solution to effectively share your brainstorming ideas.

Learn more about using with consulting activities or get started with the free Basic plan, able to create your own networks, use the applications and have some initial storage for your files.  Upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage options.

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