20 Benefits you get from Volunteering

Volunteers are involved with all types of activities and projects, as usually there’s no shortage of problems or messes that need to be worked out and cleaned up.  Of course this usually coincides with little or zero resources other than people volunteering their own time, ingenuity and resources.  So, without there being an obvious material ROI, why do so many people do it?  Here’s 20 benefits one can get when doing so.

  • 1. Get the satisfaction of getting something done.
  • 2. Potentially clean up your local environment.
  • 3. Opportunity to travel such as with VolunTourism or other groups, which lately has been increasing to its highest levels yet.  Of course there can be a downside to be aware of, not to jump into eyes closed.
  • 4. Socialize, meet new people.
  • 5. Get a better understanding of a community or culture.
  • 6. Learn something new and usually being creative in the process.
  • 7. Can combine study, travel and volunteering.
  • 8. Opportunity to teach your skills or expertise to others looking to learn.
  • 9. Building good karma, what goes around comes around.
  • 10. Can envision yourself as a modern day Don Quixote, seeking out opportunities to help or assist.
  • 11. Improve your health with a little extra time outdoors, exercise and having your mind working on accomplishing something.
  • 12. Have a better understanding of the big picture, seeing what bottlenecks exist.
  • 13. Get work experience, have to start somewhere.  Some people might call this an internship.
  • 14. Can be involved with something that has a lasting impact, such as  community project.
  • 15. Learn new problem solving skills, organize or manage a group.
  • 16. Get to try different types of meals, from either the people you meet or the different places you go.
  • 17. Opportunity to work on a group project, with that including group celebrations when done.
  • 18. Can be a great place to meet people with loads of interesting stories or songs.
  • 19. Good practice for helping others, making it easier to apply the perspective elsewhere.
  • 20. Last but definitely not least, the jokes are better.  You get an audience working together on a shared struggle or experience.

If looking for a tool to help organize a volunteer project, you can consider using an Odysen solution.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Have your own private network, share it How volunteers can use a private network to help organize their projects.with others involved or helping out.  This can be useful for a more collaborative effort, giving more focus to the project at hand.
  • Create different folders for a project, share with others involved.  This allows when others log into your network to only see the projects they’re involved with.  Add sub-folders for different aspects of the project.
  • Use the actions application for any tasks that need to be done.  Others that the folder is shared with can click the Take button to quickly assign the action to themselves.
  • Share other application content as appropriate, such as notes, PDFs, presentations, photos, schedule events, store and share useful websites and more.
  • Others can add comments for feedback, you can add a newsletter to your network to automatically get informed of changes.

Learn more about using for volunteer activities or get started with the free Basic plan, able to create networks and use the applications.  Individuals can upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and storage options.

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