Six project and work resources for freelance Researchers

For anyone interested in freelance research jobs, here’s six resources you can use to help find work appropriate for you.  Some contain specific listings, others integrate from multiple sources and some have forums for further questions or discussions.

  • Freelancer, Research Jobs, With over 30 suggested keywords, there are research jobs available for a wide variety of interests.
  • iFreelance, Market Research Projects, Includes for individual and group research projects.
  • Freelance Alliance, Researchers, A place for freelance researchers in the UK to post their profile, can also visit the forum and take advantage of other resources available.
  • Simply Hired, Research Jobs, Currently lists over 1,000 different types of freelance research projects, integrating from a web search.
  • Donanza Research Jobs, Another site integrating research project results from multiple other sources such as Elance, Freelancer, iFreelance and more.
  • flexjobs, Telecommuting Researcher Jobs, A smaller but more focused listing, for people looking for research opportunities in the US and Canada.

As you can see when browsing through a few of these, lots of opportunities to help get some initial connections or finding topics specifically suited for your niche or location.  Most are individual based projects but some are also involved with a group.

If looking for a tool to help organize your work and projects, one option is to use an Odysen solution, some of theHow researchers can benefit with having their own networks. highlights include:

  • Have one main network for organizing your internal activities or storing past work for reference.
  • Create sub-networks for different clients, sharing content only appropriate for them.
  • Add folders to organize specific projects, topics or activities, easily expand them with sub-folders.
  • Store and share content in the applications, including websites for quick reference, actions as needed, various office files in the documents application, schedule events, jot down new ideas in notes and more.

Learn more about using an Odysen solution for freelance researchers or get started with the free Basic plan, able to create your own networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your files.

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