Sharing photos of paintings and other artwork

Helpful for any painters, artisans and others creating something physical and wishing to it with others using a simple photo, but not necessarily doing so with the general public.  After all, this is something you did, created and are the owner of.  Where it can be more rewarding sharing with specific people you know, helping to get the appropriate feedback.

This being as whenever creating something, it’s what you could call a work in progress with the initial versions having a few more rough edges than later on.  Getting feedback from others that understand the perspective you’re coming from can make all the difference, help to get it to the next step.

Below are few of the highlights when doing so with an Odysen solution.

Uploading photos to a network

Viewing photos of work done in a slideshow.

Click the folder you’d like to upload to, the Images tab and upload your photos from there.  You can add a name of the photo and short description if appropriate.

Option to import

If you have multiple networks and you’d like to share photos of your work with a few of them, you can this by importing the photos from one network to another.  When doing so, you can also import a collection at the same time, helpful for quickly updating a new network you’ve created or are involved with.

Importing photos is naturally much faster than uploading, as you aren’t dependent on your uploading connection speed, everything is done on your network.

Informing others with an email notification

Once photos have been uploaded or imported, you can let others know with a simple email notification.  They can click on a link from the email to go directly to the photo in your network.  This can be helpful to save space on people’s emails, especially for a collection of photos, as well as having centralized in one place to not only view your new work, but also reference back to others you’ve done in the past.  After all, photos about your creation are much different than any random scenery photo, they’re unique.

Viewing in a slideshow

For a collection of photos, you and others can see them in a slideshow.  This displays the photo on the left side, an option to add comments on the right, and a thumbnail preview below.

If you have a larger collection of photos, you can also set up a 10 second auto play.  Do so by clicking the button to play on the bottom right.

Staying informed of feedback

While others can send you an email notification of any comments they’ve added, you can also add a newsletter to automatically stay informed of new comments.  Schedule it to check your network on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, as appropriate for the different networks you’re involved with.

Sharing complimentary content

When you create a folder for the work or project you’re involved with, besides sharing photos you can also share other content if appropriate.   Just click the application tab and add the content.  Others that the folder is shared with will have access to this content as well.  This could be upcoming events displaying your work, websites of places that you’d like to get your work shown or notes of ideas for something new.

Learn more about sharing photos with the images application or how artisans can use an Odysen solution.

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