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The benefits of having different languages for your account and networks

When you sign up with an Odysen account, you can have a different language set up depending on where you’re at, such as in your account or in your different networks.  Here’s a short review of both:

For your account

This is what you see when you first login, your Odysen account and is generally used for administrative purposes.  Within your account you can: How to change the language for your account.

  • Edit your profile: This includes the user name for your account, your email, time zone, language and password.   If you change the time zone, it’ll also be updated on your networks, helpful for frequent travelers.
  • Networks:  Access networks you belong to or create a new one.  While there, you can also view your storage used and create or edit newsletters.
  • Support: For any questions you’ve asked, problems you’ve reported or new ideas you’ve suggested, you can go here to see the current status or history.
  • Subscription: This includes the plan you’re on and if Premium, your billing information and past invoices.

For your account, you can set in your preferred language, assuring that any emails for support, forgot password and other administration emails are sent in your language.

For your networks

Even though your account may be in one language, you can have the networks you belong to in a different one, helpful to make adaptable for the different groups you belong to.  Here’s a few examples of where this can be useful:

  • Personal: If you have friends or family members that prefer another language, have a network just for them and make your language setting the same as theirs.  This can be helpful for sharing notes, events, comments and other application content.
  • Groups: If you’re using to help organize activities with a group, have your setting the same preferred language as your group.
  • Freelancers: If you have clients that prefer a different language that you’re ok with, such as with translators, change you’re network setting to be the same as your client.  Helpful for a more natural communication in sharing notes, ideas or project updates.
  • Businesses: If you’re working with colleagues or with a specific customer that prefer another language, have a network just for them and change your language setting to match.
How to change the language of your network.

The languages available include Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Vietnamese.

In summary, with Odysen you can easily adapt your network for the different groups you’re connected with, go here to learn more about using with different languages.

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