Keeping clients updated about new SEO strategies

The world of SEO always seems to be in a state of flux.  What worked yesterday doesn’t work today and likewise what’s working today probably won’t be working tomorrow.  Some recent examples:

With all of these types of changes, the websites and businesses you try to help can do a few different things, such as:

For traffic from search

Going directly at the problem.

  • Tweak the current pages and content for errors and improvements.
  • Add new pages and content.
  • More focus for different search engines, such as for Bing/Yahoo or Image search engines.
  • New metrics or tools to better manage the activities and results.

Complimentary activities

Some other ways to increase traffic to a website, potentially complimenting search engine activities.

  • Expand social networking availability.
  • Join different online groups.
  • Confirm or add to relevant directories or websites, such as ebay or Amazon if appropriate.
  • Attend local events for face-to-face promotion.
  • Start up or refine email campaigns, helping  to support current customers or promote referrals.

Organizing your projects

With an Odysen solution, you can use to help organize some of these activities for your clients, a few of the highlights: How marketing freelancers can share content with clients.

  • Have a separate network for each client, helping to keep focus on their concerns.
  • Create folders for the different projects you’ve started, add sub-folders to expand the project.
  • Within each folder, add content as appropriate to the applications.  This could be actions that need to be done, upcoming events, useful websites for reference, any word files, presentations or PDFs in documents, new graphics in Images or add new ideas to notes.  You can let others know of any new content with a simple email notification, they can add comments for feedback.

Learn more about how marketing freelancers can use an Odysen solution or get started with the free Basic plan, able to create multiple networks, invite others and have initial storage for your different files.

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