Sharing event alerts with others in your network

Now you can add event alerts not only just for yourself, but also for others in your network.  This can be helpful if creating an event for sometime in the future and you believe some extra preparation or reminders are needed.

Adding an Event Alert

How you can add an alert for your events and sharing it How to share an event alert with others in your network.with others on your network.

  • 1) Click on an existing event, you need to first have an event created.
  • 2) Click the button labeled Create Alert.
  • 3) Select the day and time for the alert to be sent.
  • 4) Add others to the To field.  By default, the options will include others the folder is shared with.
  • 5) Change the Subject if needed. By default this will be the same name as the event.
  • 6) Add content to the alert, such as a short note, a list of items needed or other helpful information.
  • 7) Click Save.

When the day and time of the alert arrives, everyone included on the alert will receive an email with your message. From there, others can click a link to go directly to the event in your network or simply click Reply from their email provided to send you a response for feedback.


And a few examples of how this can be used with different solutions:


  • Planning an annual event such as a birthday with a family network.  Schedule it for days or a week in advance and include everyone from your network.
  • Planning a party with friends.  Have a folder just for the party, schedule for the day of or earlier and include everyone from the party folder.
  • Planning a trip for a hobby.  If a weekend trip, schedule the alert for the Wednesday beforehand to help with last minute preparations, include everyone involved with the activity.


  • If using with an association, add an alert for a monthly or quarterly meeting, include everyone expected to attend.
  • Clubs or leagues can use to go along with any weekly or monthly activities, including the alert with anyone expected to attend.
  • Organizations can use for any upcoming events, projects or workshops.  Add an event for day and time, include an alert for a day or week beforehand as appropriate.


  • Consultants can use to help plan upcoming meetings with clients.   Add an alert for the meeting, include yourself and potentially others that are attending.
  • Event Planners Include alerts with many of the preparation events you have before the “big” event, helping to keep everyone organized and things running a little more smoothly.
  • Virtual assistants can use to help organize projects or events with clients, add them to the alert and schedule it with the appropriate preparation time needed.


  • Distributors can use with scheduling meetings with customers or suppliers, include with the alert specific items or information needed.
  • Small Businesses can add alerts to events with their colleagues, such as any critical actions or events happening on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Telecommuters Add for upcoming coming conference calls or project reviews with colleagues, add a reminder of what’s going to be reviewed during the call.

In summary, you get a helpful new feature for keeping others aware of upcoming events, go here to learn more about using events and alerts.

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