Share a network with others in Scandinavia

People in the greater region known as Scandinavia can use an Odysen solution to share content with others in their preferred language, whether in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

This can be helpful for collaboration with others in your area, a few examples when doing so:

  • Personal: With networks for friends and family, especially if having moved from one country to another, having networks in different languages as appropriate.
  • Groups: For using with groups that have locations across Scandinavia.
  • Freelancers: Have separate networks or sub-networks for clients in other areas, they can access and share content in their own language.
  • Businesses: Share networks with colleagues in one language, have separate networks for sales, customers and other roles with their preferred language.

As Europeans can often speak two, three four or more languages, here’s a summary of the languages available for the countries in Scandinavia and its Nordic or European neighbors.  Click on the country link to see more information about using Odysen for that country.


  • Denmark: Customize networks as you wish in Danish.
  • Norway: Share activities of different seasons in Norwegian.
  • Sweden: Share content with others in Swedish.

Nordic Neighbors

  • Finland: Use in Finnish or Russian.
  • Iceland: Share in Danish or use English as a common secondary or foreign language.

European Neighbors

  • Ireland & the UK: Have networks and content in English.
  • Germany: For other users preferring German.
  • Poland: Available in Polish for Poland neighbors.
  • Lithuania: Use in English, Polish or Russian.
  • Latvia: Share content in English, Russian or Swedish.
  • Estonia: Have networks in English, Russian, Finnish or German.
  • Russia: Use in English, Russian, Finnish and others.

If you need help getting started or have a translation suggestion, you can let us know in support and we’ll have adjusted in no time.

In summary, if using in Scandinavia, you can have networks with your preferred language and for sharing networks with others, can use in a mutually common language or they can use in another language if preferred.

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